$5 Per Month Plan

School Empower is happy to offer a $5/month Studio Management price point for smaller studios that would like to get off of spread sheets! 


  1. ONLINE PAYMENT: Students will need to come to your studio to pay.
  2. CREDIT CARD PROCESSING: You can still process your credit cards, but you will need to manually add the payment to your School Empower system.
  3. TEXTING: You will be able to email your students, but you won't be able to text them to communicate.
  4. PHONE SUPPORT: Phone support is not included in our $1/month level. However, our support guide is AWESOME and you can find all of your questions answered RIGHT HERE


LEVEL 1 SUPPORT : $30/hour: Basic training, debugging and analyzing, fixing your data- removing unwanted data, etc.

LEVEL 2 SUPPORT : $50/hour: Setting up your system, deep level training, and much more!

We can set up most systems completely for between $250 and $550, depending on the number of contacts and classes. However, this may vary if you have extensive class set up.

PHONE: 888-688-2955