New! Android and i-Phone App

IphoneSchool Empower is excited to announce the release of our Android and i-Phone app!  As a studio owner you might not have a website, or you have a website but it is not up to date.  Using School Empower's powerful backend, you can enter all information about your studio including classes, teachers, locations and more!




Equally exciting is you can notifiy your students and families of any imporant announcements, closings, recital information, equipment purrchases etc. Each app is customized for YOUR SCHOOL! If you would like to find out more about how YOU can get a customized app, contact us at 212-929-9980. 

Coming next month: Payment and Registration on the APP!



CLICK HERE for the iOS Demo

CLICK HERE for the Android Demo


  1. Open an account with School Empower.  It is NOT necessary to use School Empower as your studio management tool Your monthly fee will be $5/month.
  2. Choose a URL for your App
  3. Enter all your faculty members
  4. Enter your classes, dates, times, descriptions and costs
  5. Publish your content!
  6. Need help?  Contact our support line - 212-929-9980
  7. Provide us with necessary artwork - will will guide you through the process
  8. We will publish your app to the iOS and Google Play store.
  9. You have your OWN app.  



Entry pricing: $225 + $5/month: no online registration.  Buy now and save $175!

Coming August 2016: $399 + $25/month: includes online registration + payment

 All upgrades will be handled by School Empower.  Contact Us to get started!

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