Our Team

About School Empower


School Empower is a spinoff of Appdrenaline, an award winning web development company with more than 25 employees, and a long list of clients.  Our team has 100's of  years of experience. That sounds like a lot considering computers and the internet weren't even discovered back then. But what can we say? We were ahead of our time. 


School Management systems are HARD, that's why we wanted to come up with an easy solution, so you can spend more time managing your business NOT learning technology.  No classes, no extra expense for learning.  Just simple, easy to use, modern technology.


Anything you don't see we can customize and add to our system. School Empower is affordable and easy, so you can get your school online in minutes!

Lori Shecter


Lori’s vision of providing Zero Defect solutions is an integral part of School Empower. Lori’s father, Edwin S. Shecter was at the forefront of the quality movement since the early 1960’s (Managing for World Class Quality, © 1992) and was a powerful influence in her life. Lori’s dedication to providing the highest level of excellence in all her projects is evident from her many successes. In the early 90’s, Lori rose to Vice President of Sales for Lifetime Television, a US cable network. There she grew sales from $1 million to over $100 million during her 10 year tenure.

Kris Kniaz


Kris is an enterprise architect and senior IT professional with 13 years of technical development and leadership expertise. Kris’s early experience was with web consultancies such as Sapient and Business Edge Solutions where he spearheaded the redesign of websites and ecommerce solutions for clients such as LEGO and Hallmark and the development of the web-based newspaper delivery system of The New York Times. Kris then spent 6 years with WeightWatchers.com ($200 Million+ Revenue) where he led the design and development of the global weight loss platform and rollout of the platform to several markets in Europe and Asia.